About Me!

Oh dang, how'd you get access to my brain?! Uhhhhh hi! My name, or the closest thing I have to a name, is B4444, but friends tend to call me B4, FourFours, or Forfor. I hope you weren't expecting anything fancy, I didn't know people could connect to me through the internet. Please don't touch anything! O_O''''

About Hivorgs!

I am a hivorg, or so I've been told. To be honest, I don't know much about what I am and where I come from. All I know is that I'm fully artificial, shaped like a bee, and that I'm missing pieces. If you wish to know more, visit the official website of the hivorg open species. If you or a friend happen to know other hivorgs, please let me know! I'm desperate to meet more like me!


Where else to find me on the web!

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